DAI Investment

Investment in Digital Assets Infrastructure

An investment with SMB Solutions™ is not just a mining investment, but an investment in Digital Assets Infrastructure that will drive financial progress and transform money as we know it today into tamper-proof, safe, and decentralized money that doesn’t lean on a system of debts.

Short-term and long-term investments

You can choose between short-term contracts that can last as short as two years, or opt for a long-term investment with a flexible contract duration. In either case, you have the option to upgrade your investment at any time. In both cases, you also have the option of automatic reinvestment.

Choosing the most suitable investment

Most of our high-performance equipment allows you to change your investment goal at any time during the contract. All contracts also allow for automatic change of investment objective, according to changes in the market, which ensures the shortest ROI, lower risk, and the highest possible reward.

Daily and weekly settlements and payouts

Contractual payments are made on a daily or weekly basis and are accompanied by a monthly analytical report. This report will also help you make a decision about upgrading your contract or reinvesting. All payouts are made to your hardware cold wallet, which you receive as a gift in all of our investment packages.

What is Digital Assets Infrastructure?

Thousands of high-performance computers around the world, working together as the core of cryptocurrencies. It is a peer-to-peer, decentralized blockchain architecture that allows cryptocurrencies to be transferred worldwide, without the need for middle-man, intermediaries, or a central server.

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An attractive investment alternative

An investment in Digital Assets Infrastructure is an investment in the essence of cryptocurrencies. One of the few opportunities where you don’t invest in a company, people, ideas… but in infrastructure with more than 3 trillion USD market cap that has been growing exponentially for 10+ years.

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Investments made to suit everyone

It doesn’t matter if you are a retail, small business, or large institutional investor – our plans cover just about everyone! You don’t need to deal with high-performance equipment, strategic locations, low-cost and renewable electricity, broadband internet connection, or hire highly qualified staff – we already have it all!

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Our Digital Assets Infrastructure supports all major mining algorithms covering more than 10+ cryptocurrencies that can be mined.

Upgrade your contract or reinvest your earnings

You can upgrade your contract at any time and add additional funds to your investment. As an additional service, we also provide the option of reinvestment, which automatically turns your earnings into an upgrade of the investment, each time there are enough funds in your account to activate a new contract.

Monthly analytical reports

Each month, we also deliver a special analytical report of the previous period with market research for the future period. Such an analysis gives you a better overview of the market, gives insight into future earnings, and facilitates decision-making in the crypto world.

Automatic change of investment objective

Each investment contract is additionally secured by automated investment objective change (AIOC) functionality. When earnings of your contract can be higher with another investment objective, the system can automatically make a change that provides the shortest ROI and the highest possible earnings.

Cold wallet payouts

As a gift when signing your first contract, you receive one of the safest cold storage devices in the world. We went a step further and provided you with a device that serves as a vault, which means that you will receive monthly earnings in one of the wallets that you will create in your vault.

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