About Us

Strong believers in the future of artificial intelligence, digital assets, and cloud computing

Our beginnings date back to 2017 when three friends joined forces and merged their computing power into the first data center, which is still one of the locations of SMB Solutions™ today.

As more and more friends wanted to invest in new, exciting, and emerging technologies, the founders began looking for an opportunity to join forces with them as well, and so the idea of ​​opening a business arose.

They have set up a company that allows people who are unfamiliar with AI, digital assets, and cloud computing to easily enter the world of technology investments, with low risk and the highest possible reward. Today, we are trying to provide all the conditions so that retail and business investors can expose themselves to emerging technologies without undue effort, additional training, hiring new highly qualified staff, and without investing in high-performance equipment and electrical infrastructure.

The two data centers the company has opened are growing at an incredible rate and are now allowing investors from around the world to enter the world of artificial intelligence, digital assets, or cloud computing and invest in the growth of our infrastructure.

Our high-performance equipment today supports both digital assets and modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and high-performance cloud computing, on which the world will rely in the coming decades.

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